Specifications and dimensions of handbags

Several common bag for 2 open bag, 2 open bag, 3 open handbags, are 3 open bag this several different sizes.
2 open handbags: 330mm (W) *450mm (high) *90mm (side)
Is the 2 open bag: 280mm (W) *420mm (high) *80mm (side)
3 open handbags: 250mm (W) *350mm (high) *80mm (side)
Is the 3 open bag: 240mm (W) *290mm (high) *80mm (side)

The unity and planning requirements of product packaging

1., unified brand, unified image.
2., enterprise personality prominent, modern style, reflecting the high-tech and high-quality enterprise connotation.
3., adapt to the product structure of the enterprise, and adapt to the needs of future product innovation.
4. comply with the relevant laws and regulations.
Planning steps
1. research
Adequate research is the guarantee of successful planning. In the planning of the packaging image of enterprise products, first of all should be extensive and in-depth investigation inside and outside the enterprise. The investigation includes business ideas, development objectives, product structure, packaging status; survey including business leaders, marketing personnel, production management, quality management and product wholesalers and retailers and users of products etc..
2. expert consultation
Opinions from experts in packaging design can be twice the result with half the effort.
3. proposal
On the basis of full investigation and research, the planning scheme is put forward.
4. scheme demonstration
Widely collected opinions from various aspects, the feasibility of the program repeatedly demonstrated, modified.
5. plan to determine
After the plan has been determined, the product packaging image design manual has been compiled and made as the standard for product packaging design.
The unified product packaging image is imperative, but it should also be combined with the enterprise’s management objectives, marketing plans and other actual conditions, and can not engage in “one size fits all”.
If the existing product packaging has a high recognition in the market, the new packaging market requires careful planning, the introduction of a series of measures to match, otherwise blindly change the packing will have a negative impact on product sales. Therefore, enterprises should adopt the strategy of “seizing the opportunity and gradually infiltrating” to unify the product packaging image.

Common quality problems and solutions in carton printing

Cartons are some of the outer packing of goods, and have a great attraction to consumers, so the quality of carton printing can not be ignored. This is a brief introduction to some common problems and solutions in carton printing.
1 、 machine imprint quality failure caused by related parts
When a printing plate roller shaft, embossing roller shaft, drive shaft, gear and embossing linked to the important parts wear, loosening, beating or sliding phenomenon resulting in nano imprint lithography process roll or embossing roll, because the pressure is not stable, resulting in print layout and board contact is not normal, paste version or local cause graphic imprinting is not clear problem cardboard printing surface. Through careful careful observation and analysis, to identify the exact location of the fault, to take appropriate measures to deal with, wear and loose parts to be repaired, to eliminate the phenomenon of failure.
2 、 quality faults caused by improper adjustment of pressure roller
If the pressure roller is too high or too low, so that with the corrugated board contact too tight or too loose, will also appear in the dirty version, paste version or local graphic imprinting is not clear, the pressure roller should be adjusted to the proper position, so that the gap between the press roller and roller and board thickness of the suit, to ensure that the printed page produce parts, avoid the fault phenomenon.
3, a roller caused by bad quality failure
When the roller shaft looseness, inking roll bending, deformation or surface damage, can also cause the page dirty, paste version or local graphics and text is not clear. We should find out the reason, take the appropriate measures to deal with, so that between the rollers and plates to maintain contact conditions of uniform and appropriate, to replace damaged rollers, to eliminate the fault phenomenon.
4 quality problems caused by uneven thickness of corrugated paperboard
If the hollow trace forming the corrugated surface with man-made destruction, the sunken part of the paper will be imprinted quality defects is not clear, which if adopted a comprehensive increase printing pressure compensation, easy to make the text lines, page quality of paste. In order to avoid the layout of the paste, corrugated cardboard in the pile, handling process, should pay attention to light, handle, light pressure (to control the stacking height), shall not use throwing, smashing, pressure and other bad production habits for handling.
5, the uneven thickness of the printing plate caused by quality failure
When the rubber plate thickness is uneven, the plate layout will appear high and low. The layout of high place is easy to paste version, layout low place is easy to appear over the insufficiency, caused by imprinting is not clear, in order to avoid the adverse situations, with sporadic plate, the plate made of a plurality of small, should use the same block plates were produced, so that its thickness differences the relatively small. If you have already prepared rubber plate, presence of thickness difference, can make up for the localized in thin plate back more glue layer, so that the plates remain basically the same thickness, ensure the printing pressure and ink uniform layout.
6, quality defects caused by improper color order
If the printing layout is full text are arranged in the same group, when the process of corrugated board in the same group of printing, the first group of printed board graphic inking, slow drying, easy to blot transfer caused by the layout from the dirty. In order to prevent the birth of this disease, it is necessary to arrange the layout of the small area in the first color group printing, and arrange the large area of the layout in the following color group printing, so as to avoid the dirty print caused by the imprinting transfer.

The shape and structure of a tray type carton in a carton package

Carton packaging has become the mainstream, and now we introduce a carton shaped carton, carton, from the structural distinction can be divided into the following forms:
A: folding carton, carton
The utility model relates to a carton box made of folding and pasting, which has the advantages of small box body, convenient transportation and stock, economy, etc..
1, heaven and earth tray, cardboard box, carton: This is two pieces of paper made of two plates: lid and tray two parts. This structure has been used since ancient times and is suitable for all goods.
2. Shake lid carton: This is made of a piece of paper. A structure in which a tray and lid are joined together. Suitable for bulk biscuits, candy, specialty products and so on.
Two: assembly carton, carton
This is a carton box without paste. The carton can be divided into two forms according to its structure: double deck carton, carton box and locked carton

The design requirements of a corrugated carton for Flexography

The manuscript is the basis of printing, and the design of the manuscript for the flexible corrugated cardboard box has the following requirements.
(1) in the printing process, due to the large area of the field and the small text, fine lines and dot details need ink quantity and pressure is not the same, therefore, even if they are the same color, also do not put in the same block printing plate, printing plate should be respectively.
(2) full of printing on corrugated box, in addition to have compression embossing roll of corrugated cardboard, paper and ink on the infiltration, the compressive strength of corrugated box is reduced, it should avoid the full version of printing.
(3) it will be two of the shape and size of the same color overprint phase, so as to avoid misregister, should be in the larger field of local color overprint characters and patterns or small chunks.
(4) avoid printing roller along the axial design of wide and long bar and field, so the machine will cause vibration; also avoid the strip the same pattern with the corrugated cardboard corrugated direction, otherwise the pressure will be printed corrugated crushing by carton.
(5) the larger circular pattern should be avoided when designing the layout, otherwise, the printed pattern will be elliptical due to the elongation of the flexible plate along the circumferential direction.
(6) for the Yin language, especially the small text, it is necessary to consciously stroke the bold, to avoid printing when the ink spread to make strokes thinning, or even paste.
(7) in general, the text area is less than 2cm2 at a distance of 5cm outside can not see, for corrugated carton printing will lose the publicity and promotional merchandise, therefore, in the design should avoid using too small text.
(8) avoid precise overprint perfectly. Two-color printing must be part of the trapping process of 0.1~0.2mm, so as to avoid overprinter poor white.
(9) minimize the number of overprinting, usually under 3 colors. The more the number of overprinting, the more serious the compressive strength of corrugated boxes. Practice has proved that, after monochrome printing, corrugated carton compressive strength decreased by 6%~12%, and after three color printing, corrugated carton compressive strength will be reduced by 17%~20%.

What are the physical properties of coated cartons compared with cardboard boxes?

In the market, more and more cartons are used in flexible printing, and the paper used naturally has changed. Coated paper has become a big choice for facial tissue.
The coating box board is a new packing material has the advantages of both the cardboard and paperboard box. It is the surface of kraft paperboard coated with a layer of white (or color) pigment, make its appearance at the level of coated paperboard, and the intrinsic quality and physical properties but also has the characteristics of kraft liner board. The cartons are not only suitable for small packing boxes, but also for corrugated boxes. Coating box board = Kraft carton + coating process.
The national standard of coated carton is GB/T10335.5-2008, and the national standard of carton is GB/T13024-2003. The physical performance indexes of coated carton and paperboard are compared with those of ordinary carton, as shown in table 1.
Coated box board
Seen from table 1 can be compared, compared with ordinary cardboard and cardboard coated box, increase the brightness, smoothness, surface roughness, printing printing gloss, ink absorbency and dust of this physical index, these physical indexes belong to the printing performance of physical index.
1 brightness
By GB/T7974, you can use the PN-48B whiteness tester and select the R457 file for testing.
2, smoothness
Measured by GB/T456, you can use the PN-BST smoothness tester, select the A file or B file or C file for determination.
3. Printing surface roughness
According to GB/T22363-2008, the printing surface method is adopted, and the hard pad is measured under the pressure of (980 + 30) kPa.
4, printing gloss
Printing samples prepared by GB/T12032 are determined by GB/T8941, and PN-GM gloss tester can be selected. The 75 degree angle is selected for determination.
5, ink absorbency
According to GB/T12911 for determination, you can choose PN-48A, select Ry file, select ink absorption value I file for determination.
6, dust degree
According to GB/T1541 determination, you can choose PN-PDT paper dust meter for determination.

How to design and package color box color box? To meet the requirements of science, beauty and marketability

Commodity packaging is mainly divided into two categories: transportation, packaging and sale. The sale package is a package that meets and applies directly to the consumer. In addition to the use of function, there should be a strong artistic, and its appearance and planning description should be in line with the scientific, beautiful and marketable needs. In the description, we must consider the scientific and rational planning, but also take into account the beauty of appearance and decoration. Excellent packaging appearance, planning description, not only to accommodate and maintain goods, beautify goods, and promote the sale of goods, but also should be easy to carry, use, exhibition and easy to transport.
When describing the overall description should meet the primary needs, secondly should co-ordinate the planning of description, description and description of the exterior decoration contact, planning to describe according to characteristics, packaged goods environment and user needs etc.. A reasonable description of the carton box cover and a box bottom, adhesive piece, dustproof piece assembly etc.. Not only to satisfy the principle of overall description, but also to coordinate with the needs of appearance and decoration description. The appearance and decoration description should be sailed from the angle of aesthetics, focusing on the flashing and decorative nature of packaging. In addition, the standard and intensity description is also an important link in the carton and carton description. It not only affects the appearance quality of the goods, but also relates to the production and circulation cost.

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